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How Long Does Apical Dental Surgery Take?

October 31, 2023
How Long Does Apical Dental Surgery Take?

Apical surgery is an endodontic procedure that can sometimes save a tooth when a root canal is not effective. It is considered surgical because it requires access to the tooth under the gum tissue. 

If you have an upcoming endodontic surgery, you may be wondering how long it will take. Here’s what you can expect from apical dental surgery. 

What is Apical Surgery? 

Apical surgery, sometimes called an apicoectomy, is a procedure that is performed on the root of a tooth. It involves removal of the tip or end of the tooth root, called the apex. and all of the infected tissue around it. Then a  filling is placed in the apex of the root to seal it  and prevent infection from entering the tooth through the root. The gum tissue will be replaced over the tooth root and sutured. 

Average Length of Apical Surgery

Apical surgery can take anywhere from about 60 to 90 minutes. The exact length of surgery is impossible to predict, because treatment may vary based on what the endodontist finds after raising the gum tissue. A simple procedure could take 40 minutes and a more complex surgery could take an hour to 90 minutes. Rarely will apical surgery take longer than 90 minutes unless there are specific complications. 

Factors That Affect the Length of Apical Surgery

There are a few factors that may have an effect on how long apical surgery takes: 

  • Anesthesia. In most cases apical surgery can be performed with the use of local anesthesia to numb the area. However, if additional sedation is required, your procedure could take longer. 
  • Size of the tooth. A small tooth with a single root apex will result in a shorter apicoectomy than a large molar with multiple root tips that may need to be treated. 
  • Complexity. The greater the damage to the tooth, root, gum tissue, and jaw, the longer the procedure may take to remove and repair all of the damage. 
  • Experience. The more experience your endodontist has with apical surgery, the shorter your procedure will take. 
  • Technology. The use of dental technology can accelerate the procedure so that you spend less time in the dental chair and experience faster recovery. 

Is Apical Surgery Worth the Time? 

Apical surgery is a procedure that may be able to save a tooth and allow it to remain in function . When a root canal is not effective, apical surgery may still be able to save the tooth. Without apical surgery, your tooth may need to be extracted and replaced. The process of replacing a tooth can take longer, may be more invasive, and will cost more. Keeping your natural tooth in place is better for function and appearance. 

Who Performs Apical Surgery? 

Apical surgery is typically performed by a dental specialist called an endodontist. Endodontists specialize in treating teeth that are infected or at risk of infection. An endodontist has the necessary training and equipment to perform apical surgery with the greatest chance of success. To become an endodontist, an additional 2 years training is required.

Why Choose Forest Lake Endodontics? 

The doctors and dental team at Forest Lake Endodontics specialize in the treatment of at-risk teeth. Our highly qualified endodontists have performed numerous successful endodontic surgeries that have resulted in restored teeth and better overall dental health for our patients. 

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