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GentleWave® Procedure in Forest Lake, MN

Forest Lake Endodontics provides GentleWave® root canal treatment in Forest Lake, MN. Call 651-464-9888 or contact us today to learn more about root canal therapy and schedule an appointment.

What is GentleWave?

GentleWave is the latest technology in root canal therapy. Using acoustic energy to propel cleansing fluids, GentleWave thoroughly flushes out the entire root canal system within your tooth, removing infected tissue to restore and preserve the health of the tooth, while also maintaining the natural tooth structure.

Benefits of GentleWave Root Canal Therapy

GentleWave offers many benefits when used for root canal therapy:

  • Less invasive. GentleWave uses fluid under negative pressure, allowing smaller preparation of the canal space,making the procedure less invasive. More of the tooth structure is preserved.
  • Strengthens tooth structure. By preserving more of the natural tooth and cleaning and filling it in just one session, GentleWave helps keep the tooth's structure strong, maintaining more of its structural integrity.
  • Improved comfort. Root canals are more comfortable for patients when GentleWave technology is used.
  • Faster recovery. You’ll experience less discomfort and down time after a root canal performed with GentleWave.
  • Effective. GentleWave is extremely thorough, providing effective results that reduce the chances that the tooth will require retreatment in the future.
  • Efficient. A root canal can be completed in a single appointment with the GentleWave procedure, as opposed to multiple appointments as is often required for traditional root canals.

Are You a Good Candidate for the GentleWave Procedure?

You may be a good candidate for the GentleWave procedure if:

  • You have a tooth that needs a root canal, whether it is infected, inflamed, or causing you tooth pain.
  • You feel anxious or nervous about dental procedures.
  • You have problems with the effectiveness of anesthesia.
  • Your tooth has a complex root structure according to digital images.

Why Choose MN-Based Forest Lake Endodontics?

Our goal is to provide our patients with specialized endodontic treatment, ensuring the highest quality of care possible, which is why we keep up to date with advanced technology such as GentleWave. We want to restore your natural teeth in the least invasive way & help you keep them for the rest of your life. Our doctors, including Dr. Mary Ann Bunczak & Dr Tyler Schuurmans are highly qualified and experienced, with specialized training in the GentleWave procedure to ensure that we know how to use it properly and effectively. We work closely with referring doctors to provide seamless continuity of care.

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Frequently asked questions about GentleWave.

What makes the GentleWave method better than traditional root canal therapy?
The GentleWave method is gentler on the teeth. Rather than removing the dental pulp from the root canal with only files, fluid is used. This means there is no scraping required and more of the natural tooth structure stays preserved during the procedure.
Does insurance cover the GentleWave procedure?
Whether or not GentleWave is covered will depend on your insurance provider and plan. HSA and FSA funds are eligible for use on the GentleWave procedure.
Do I still need anesthesia for the GentleWave procedure?
You will still need local anesthesia even if you choose the GentleWave procedure to ensure that you do not experience discomfort throughout the process. You may need less anesthesia with GentleWave than you would with a traditional root canal.
How many appointments will I need for a GentleWave Root Canal?
GentleWave may be completed in as little as one or two appointments; a consultation and then the procedure itself. You may need a follow-up appointment in certain cases.
What happens if my tooth needs further treatment after a root canal?
In a small percentage of cases, a tooth may require root canal retreatment or surgery if the initial therapy does not fully resolve the infection or if infection recurs. This involves re-cleaning the root canal and sealing it again to promote healing and prevent further infection.
Can GentleWave help teeth affected by dental trauma?
Yes, GentleWave can be particularly beneficial for teeth that have suffered dental trauma. Its minimally invasive approach helps preserve the structure of teeth that have been weakened or damaged by traumatic injuries, promoting healing and recovery.
What is apical endodontic surgery, and when is it needed?

Apical endodontic surgery is an additional service offered for complex cases where root canal therapy alone may not be sufficient. It involves surgically accessing the tip of the root (apex) to remove any infected tissue and seal the end of the root, providing another avenue for saving a tooth that might otherwise require extraction. This procedure is part of the variety of endodontics surgery treatments available, including root canal therapy and the GentleWave procedure.

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