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Dental Abscess Treatment in Forest Lake

Forest Lake Endodontics treats dental abscesses in Forest Lake, MN. Call 651-464-9888 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

What is a Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess can be painful - and is a common reason why patients seek emergency dental treatment. This pocket full of pus is the result of a bacterial infection and can vary in size and in location, depending on where the infection is coming from.

Dental abscesses most commonly result from tooth decay that has made its way into the pulp of the tooth, gum disease (aka periodontal disease), or a cracked tooth. They can be broken down into two types: a periapical abscess found at the tip of the tooth’s root and a periodontal abscess near the bone of the infected tooth.

To treat a dental abscess, an endodontist will typically use a combination of treatments, including:

  • Draining the infection. Draining the infection from the abscess. This requires a small incision that will allow the pus to be released. During the procedure, the area will be irrigated and cleaned.
  • Antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics are prescribed quite often to help cure the infection - especially if it is in a difficult area.
  • Root canal treatment. Root canals are commonly done, as the abscess is often a result of infection inside the pulp of the tooth. Clearing out the infection and treating the abscess itself can leave the tooth ready to heal and be restored.
  • Extraction. If there is no way to save the tooth, extraction may be necessary. Again, the surrounding abscess will be treated to remove the infection so the entire area can begin healing.

Remember, the goal of an endodontist is to always preserve the natural tooth - which means extraction is an absolute last resort.

Signs of a Dental Abscess

  • Severe toothache or pain. This may be a dull ache, throbbing, or sharp pain.
  • Fever
  • Possible pain while chewing
  • Swollen and/or red gums
  •  Temperature sensitivity
  • Swollen jaw (upper or lower) or neck
  •  Bad breath
  • Bitter taste in the mouth

Why Choose Forest Lake Endodontics?

At Forest Lake Endodontics, we understand just how serious an abscess can be to your oral health - and your overall wellbeing. We offer emergency appointments to those patients who present with abscesses so that they may be treated right away and reduce their risk of serious complications.

Our team is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating this infection, especially if treatment includes a root canal. We have an efficient team that will welcome you and keep you comfortable throughout the entire process. After all, bringing you relief and healing is our focus.


What happens if I leave an abscess untreated?
You never want to leave an abscess untreated as it is an infection that will continue to spread. It can reach your jaw bone and spread into your neck. Allowing this infection can become a serious health concern.
Is an abscess considered a dental emergency?
Yes, an abscess should always be addressed immediately as you are at risk of the infection spreading and causing serious or life-threatening concerns. If you have been told you have an abscess or suspect you may, it is important to contact us right away.
Can an abscessed tooth be prevented?
For the most part, yes. With routine dental care, most underlying causes of abscesses - decay and infection - can be addressed before they get out of hand and lead to an abscess. Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine can also help reduce your risk.
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