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How Does Regenerative Endodontics Work?

April 30, 2024
How Does Regenerative Endodontics Work?

Regenerative medicine refers to treatments that focus on healing tissues and restoring the function of organs. Regenerative endodontics applies that same concept to teeth. When the health of a tooth is compromised or at risk, endodontics is the field of dentistry that works to repair damage and restore dental function. 

The Science Behind Regenerative Endodontics 

Regenerative endodontics uses the body’s own healing abilities to restore damaged or infected teeth to a healthy state. As an alternative to traditional endodontic procedures, such as a root canal that removes infected or damaged tissue, regenerative endodontics uses bioactive materials to heal tissue so that it can function naturally. 

For example, during a traditional root canal all of the dental pulp (the soft tissue inside the root canal) is removed from the tooth and replaced with an artificial material. As an alternative, regenerative endodontic procedures introduce bioactive materials to the existing dental pulp to heal it and encourage regrowth of dental pulp cells. Stem cells and growth factors work to heal and restore damaged tissue. 

Regenerative Endodontic Procedures 

Some examples of regenerative endodontic procedures include: 

  • Vital pulp therapy. A tooth that has sustained damage may still have vital pulp that can be saved. Vital pulp therapy is a procedure used to treat the existing dental pulp and restore its health while it remains in place, naturally. 
  • Revascularization. Immature teeth may have underdeveloped roots that are shorter and thinner than a healthy mature tooth. With revascularization the healthy pulp is preserved, which encourages further growth of the natural root structure. 

Benefits of Regenerative Endodontics

Regenerative endodontics provides a wide range of benefits: 

  • Save natural tissues. Avoid necrosis of the dental pulp when it is at risk of dying and preserve the natural tissue within the tooth. 
  • Encourage new growth. With regenerative treatment the root structure can grow longer & thicker until it is fully mature.  
  • Prevents further root damage. As the roots mature and strengthen, there is reduced risk of fracture or other damage.  
  • Biological solution. Regenerative endodontics provides a natural, biological solution for internal damage to a tooth that does not introduce any synthetic materials. 
  • Can prevent a root canal. When regenerative endodontic treatments are successful, a root canal  procedure can not only be postponed, but prevented entirely in many cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Regenerative Endodontics

Do all endodontists offer regenerative endodontics? 

Not all endodontic practices offer regenerative endodontics. If you are interested in this type of treatment, you will need to find an endodontist who provides regenerative procedures, as we do here at Forest Lake Endodontics. 

Will regenerative endodontics work for me? 

Regenerative endodontics works in many cases, but not necessarily every time. Whether or not you are eligible for regenerative treatments and the results you experience depends on your individual situation and the extent of the damage to the tooth. 

Forest Lake Endodontics Provides Regenerative Treatments

Forest Lake Endodontics prides ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest technology and best practices in the field of endodontics. Through regenerative endodontics we provide the highest quality care for our patients that offers the best chance of preserving your natural teeth. 

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