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3 Signs You Need a Root Canal

August 30, 2023
3 Signs You Need a Root Canal | Forest Lake Endodontics

You might need a root canal if there is a problem within your entire tooth, not just on the surface (as with a cavity). Tooth pain is frequently the initial sign that something is wrong deep down in the tooth. Still, other concerning symptoms such as tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, inflamed gums, cracks in the tooth, and tooth discoloration could also mean you need a root canal.

Being aware of the three primary signs that you might need a root canal can help you end the pain you might experience and—in many cases—save your tooth.

3 Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

Tooth discomfort is often problematic because it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the problem could be when it's still in the early stages. It's common to have a vague sense of discomfort in our mouths that we may not even associate with a particular tooth or area.

However, as time goes on, if you need a root canal (or even other dental work), it will become more evident. There are several warning signs that you might need a root canal; the following are the most common. If you experience any of them, you should make it a point to see a dentist as soon as possible.  

Persistent Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

If putting pressure on your tooth (such as when you eat) causes pain, you should get the tooth checked. Pain with chewing isn't normal and could mean you have a deeper issue, such as cracks or severe decay in or around the tooth.

Additionally, if drinking hot tea or coffee causes a toothache, it could indicate that your tooth enamel is compromised or your gum has receded around the tooth, exposing some of the root. Similarly, if it hurts when you eat or drink something cold, it's time to make a dentist appointment.

Tooth Discoloration

Having a discolored tooth doesn't automatically mean you need a root canal. In some cases, there may not be cause for concern as the discoloration may be related to hygiene or caused by frequently eating or drinking substances known to cause the teeth to darken, such as tea, coffee, wine, or certain spices.

However, if the discoloration is only on one tooth, it could indicate nerve or blood vessel damage, and you should contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Chips or cracks in a tooth can be caused by various accidents, playing contact sports, biting down on something hard, or chewing very hard or crunchy foods routinely. Even still, if a tooth becomes chipped or cracked, it should be repaired to stop harmful and unwanted bacteria from getting inside the tooth and causing an infection.

With many blood vessels in each tooth, a tooth infection can quickly spread to the bloodstream, which can cause even more severe issues. As such, you must call a dentist right away if you have a cracked or chipped tooth.

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