GentleWave Is A Special And Unique Procedure

The main goal of an endodontist is to save natural teeth. There are many procedures in place that make this possible - and GentleWave makes it easier. By incorporating this new technology, endodontists are able to provide patients with a special and unique procedure that surpasses the capability of traditional endodontic procedures.

What is GentleWave Technology?

GentleWave technology is an innovative alternative to standard endodontic care - primarily root canal treatment. A broad range of sound waves is delivered into the troubled tooth along with a steady stream of fluids. In tandem, this can clean and disinfect all areas and canals within a tooth. This is all done quickly and painlessly.

Root Canals with GentleWave

Root canal treatment using GentleWave is a non-invasive approach to clearing out infection and bacteria. It uses fluids and sound waves to extend to the innermost areas of the tooth that are hard to reach. A vortex is created allowing fluids to flow in and out of every crevice within the tooth.

In traditional root canals, files are used to clean out the infections in these small canals. However, they are limited in the areas that they can reach - especially for canals that are sitting horizontally. The risk for re-infection is greater as is the need for retreatment. With GentleWave, this isn’t a concern at all since the fluid can make its way into every area of the tooth, no matter how complex the situation.

Benefits of GentleWave

When it comes to choosing an innovative solution like GentleWave over more traditional treatment methods, there are many advantages. So, what benefits does it bring to patients in need of endodontic care? Let’s take a look.

Experience GentleWave at Forest Lake Endodontics - Blog - Dental Wave Is A Special And Unique Procedure

At Forest Lake Endodontics, we invest in technology that will greatly benefit our patients. And we believe GentleWave will do just that. Not only does it give you a less invasive option for root canal treatment, but it also allows you to have the confidence that your infection has been thoroughly cleared out - without the need for retreatment.

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